– On Mothers

vince-fleming-487796-unsplashI was talking to a woman at church once on mother’s day and I said to her that this day must be your favorite day to come to church. I was surprised when she actually told me the opposite. She said it was her least favorite day to come. There were talks about all the great things other mothers had done and she would always feel like she did not measure up.

Men will never understand the huge responsibility that come with being a mother. To conceive and carry a child inside your womb and to come near death in the process of giving birth is something truly incredible. Then there is the bonding that goes on, the feeding and nurturing that only a woman can do in this life. Women are more refined than men and naturally open to things of a spiritual nature. This is what makes them so qualified for their role.

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

I give honor to all the valiant mothers of the past, present and future for all they have done, for their sacrifice and giving, to make this world a better place. I believe we will soon be living in a millennial era of peace, largely due to the way mothers will bring up children in righteousness so as to follow Jesus and love God.

“A mother has far greater influence on her children than anyone else, and she must realize that every word she speaks, every act, every response, her attitude, even her appearance and manner of dress affect the lives of her children and the whole family. It is while the child is in the home that he gains from his mother the attitudes, hopes, and beliefs that will determine the kind of life he will live, and the contribution he will make to society.” – N. Eldon Tanner

– Questions to ask before getting married

OK, this is a different kind of post than I normally write. Bear with me, as I think it will be useful to many. Of course, I can always state that a writer many times writes what they feel they need. On to the topic at hand…

Lets say you are single and now getting to know a potential spouse better. Before you get too carried away in love, ask yourself the following questions and it could save you a lot of heartache later.

  1. Are you happy as an individual first, and not looking for a marriage to “save you”?
  2. Do you have common interests?
  3. Do you share a common religious faith, ideals and standards?
  4. Is there a Physical attraction?
  5. Have you observed how they treat their parents and siblings?
  6. Do you agree on decisions regarding having children and upbringing of them?
  7. Do you each bring out the best in each other?
  8. Are you able to say “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”?
  9. Have you put their interests first and treated them like a King or Queen?
  10. How have you handled disagreements?
  11. What was it that initially attracted you to this person? Have you thought to wonder why? Will this become a problem later?
  12. How will you support yourselves financially?

Disclaimer and notice: I am not a marriage counselor no expert in this topic by any means. The information contained in this blog post is without warranty, either expressed or implied. Neither the post’s author, nor distributors will be held liable for any damages caused or alleged, resulting directly by or indirectly by this post. No animals were harmed in the writing of this blog post.