– Navigating a Crisis of Faith

Have you found yourself wondering what you believe in anymore? Have you been embarrassed to admit to your coworkers of friends that you go to church on Sunday? Are you wanting a more purposeful life? We can encounter periods in our life where we get discouraged. There are many reasons for a person to stop and evaluate and question what they believe and why the believe. Questioning is a natural part of human living, but so is finding answers and believing. Should your mounting pile of questions overrule your answers and feelings you have already about God?

“When problems come and questions arise, do not start your quest for faith by saying how much you do not have, leading as it were with your “unbelief.”…I am not asking you to pretend to faith you do not have. I am asking you to be true to the faith you do have. Sometimes we act as if an honest declaration of doubt is a higher manifestation of moral courage than is an honest declaration of faith. It is not! So let us all remember the clear message of this scriptural account: Be as candid about your questions as you need to be; life is full of them on one subject or another. But if you and your family want to be healed, don’t let those questions stand in the way of faith working its miracle…In this Church, what we know will always trump what we do not know. And remember, in this world, everyone is to walk by faith…Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe.” – Elder Holland, April 2013 General Conference

Do not delay any longer. Put yourself on a more sure foundation and find you faith for the first time, or strengthen what you have already. It really boils down to a simple plan to follow. Study like crazy, pray as hard and as sincerely as you can, and combine this with living as cleanly as you can. You will not be able to receive any inspiration or gift of faith if you are not living a God fearing righteous life.

“Study diligently, Pray fervently, Live righteously.” – Thomas S. Monson

Ponder the parable Jesus gave about the 10 virgins. Get your lamps filled with oil‏ as the five wise virgins. Following the brethren is part of being spiritually prepared. If you would not follow them, you would not follow Christ. This then is THE challenge of our times – that of believing in and following a living prophet. Even to those that never miss a General Conference, need to stop and ask themselves if they really listen to and take the Prophets words to heart?

“…it reminds me of the words of Joseph the Prophet, when he said, “Brethren, remember that the majority of this people will never go astray; and as long as you keep with the majority you are sure to enter the celestial kingdom.”” – Orson Hyde, 13: 367.

And of course remember above all what our religion is all about. It is focused squarely on Christ. Who He is and What He did.

“The fundamental principles of our religion are the testimony of the Apostles and Prophets, concerning Jesus Christ, that He died, was buried, and rose the third day, and ascended into heaven; and all other things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to it” (Joseph Smith – History of the Church 3:30)


  • You cannot fail in your attempt to find the truth. The same answer is ultimately there for all people. God knows his own and He will find each one of them.
    • “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28
  • By their fruits ye shall know them, so analyze the fruits of the church.
    • Are there truer men and women? Is there a better organization?
    • List them out like a balance sheet.
    • You have the perfect fruit with which to judge – The Book of Mormon. Go ahead, prove it one way or the other. But you have to prove it solely by reading the contents.
  • Follow the brethren, even knowing that they are imperfect men. Try it and see if you are blessed.
  • We simply cannot have all our questions answered in this life.
  • Christ is the Head of the Church as the New Testament states, but the head has a Body and that is us. We as Saints need a church to be the keeper of the doctrines and authority to administer the ordinances.

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