– Living a Happier Life: Self-Image

1044093_89152896Your self-image is the mental and emotional picture you hold of yourself – your capabilities, and what you represent.

People limit themselves when they say or think things like – “I am not good enough, too fat, not capable, not wanted…” Ignorance, fear, doubt and uncertainty are all tools of Satan to get us to feel poorly. Every negative or positive image you have about yourself will affect what happens to you throughout the day. Every outward action is first an inward thought. If you have internal positive emotions of love, courage, respect, faith and confidence it will bolster you and propel you to greatness. Believe it or not, a great deal of your health, wealth and happiness are reflections of your inward thoughts.

Your self-image is partly a product of your environment. How you were raised, and what others told you about yourself gets deeply engrained in your brain. However, no matter what it is, it can be rearranged in your mind to be constructive. The destructive thought can be replaced with positive self-image thoughts.

Universal rule of being:

“As a person thinks so are they” – Proverbs 23:7

Five signs of a poor self-image:

  1. Blaming others all of the time.
  2. Running away from your problems.
  3. Criticizing others constantly.
  4. Waiting for others to solve your problems or challenges.
  5. Pretending that you can’t change.

Tips to achieving a better self-image:

  1. If you find an environment is not positive, leave it. If you find an association not positive, leave it. If you find your internal thoughts are not positive, leave them. You can’t leave anything without replacing it with something. Replace the negative with a positive.
  2. Relax, have a winning attitude, don’t wear a mask, grow from your mistakes instead of letting them haunt you. Mistakes are a part of life; we learn and grow from them.
  3. Take the time to develop and stick with good habits.
  4. Serve others. If you lose yourself you will find yourself.
  5. Be a producer more than a consumer in life.
  6. Know that anything good in life has opposition to it and it takes work to overcome.
  7. Enjoy the power of harmony – with self, others and God. These can be a boost to your self-image.
  8. Develop a talent.
  9. Let the higher power of God into your life, worship and acknowledge Him in all ways of your life. Know you have unlimited worth in His eyes and have a divine destiny of greatness.

Questions to ponder:

  1. Which of the five signs of poor self-image will you stop doing?
  2. Which of the tips for a better self-image could you do better at and what will you do about it?

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