– My first book was finally published!

Welcome to my blog where I will post short thoughts on important Christian Doctrines from time to time.

To start this whole process off, I decided to write a book (paperback and Kindle). The circumstance was that my neighbor and I met out at the street side mail boxes on one of the first days after my family moved into a new house. We of course asked each other what we did for a living. I told him that I was a computer programmer and he told me that he was a pastor for a local church. With great excitement, I told him I love to talk to people with a strong faith and belief in the Bible. When I told him that I was a Mormon, then he boldly told me I was not saved and would go to Hell for believing false doctrine. What hurt me most was when he told me that I was not even a Christian. He explained that I must believe in the Trinity. He said that in his many years of talking with Mormons, none had ever been able to refute his doctrine. He stated that none dared ever come back and talk to him a second time.

I decided to be the one that came back. I wrote a paper and then turned it into a book. The purpose was to settle the question of what the correct doctrinal teaching is on the Godhead using only the Bible and knowledge of historical events. I am glad to share the book with the world to make the plain truth known to all. I hope people find it as interesting and important a topic as I do.

I also had the occasion to scan through the bestselling book list at Amazon.com under the category of Christianity. Having done so I ordered a few and read what messages they were giving. The trend is alarming. Some were advocating giving in doctrinally and following the fads of the day in an “all paths eventually lead back to God” philosophy. I want to show that doctrine does matter and that people should get serious about studying and living what the scriptures teach.

Note: There is a Kindle edition also. You can also probably find it in other eReader stores like the Apple store.

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