– Joseph and Moses, how God chooses those he can mold

Both Joseph Smith and Moses were chosen by God to lead His people as prophets. Both had hard lives and each as a leader felt that the people were as a weight they struggled to pull along. Both men brough forth the word of God in abundance and only sought to do God’s will and not their own. Here is a great quote from Brigham Young on the calling of Joseph as a prophet.

“Who else ever said that Joseph Smith was anything but an unlearned son of a backwoodsman; who had all his lifetime, ever since he would handle an ax, helped his father to support his little family by cutting wood? Thus the Lord found him, and called him to be a Prophet, and made him a successful instrument in laying the foundation of His kingdom for the last time. This people never professed that Joseph Smith was anything more than a Prophet given to them of the Lord; and to whom the Lord gave the keys of this last dispensation, which were not to be taken from him in time, neither will they be in eternity.” Brigham Young (Journal of Discourses, 26 vols. [London: Latter-day Saints’ Book Depot, 1854-1886], 2: 127.)

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– My first book was finally published!

Welcome to my blog where I will post short thoughts on important Christian Doctrines from time to time.

To start this whole process off, I decided to write a book (paperback and Kindle). The circumstance was that my neighbor and I met out at the street side mail boxes on one of the first days after my family moved into a new house. We of course asked each other what we did for a living. I told him that I was a computer programmer and he told me that he was a pastor for a local church. With great excitement, I told him I love to talk to people with a strong faith and belief in the Bible. When I told him that I was a Mormon, then he boldly told me I was not saved and would go to Hell for believing false doctrine. What hurt me most was when he told me that I was not even a Christian. He explained that I must believe in the Trinity. He said that in his many years of talking with Mormons, none had ever been able to refute his doctrine. He stated that none dared ever come back and talk to him a second time.

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